From our studio: Inspiration behind our new collection!


Circa 1985~ Holiday 2013 collection. Retail for $49 each.
See something you like? Call us! 800-573-3308

We’re excited to present NEW charms, NEW chain, and NEW ready-to-wear necklaces for the holiday season! We interviewed John Wind, our founder and lead designer, and Fawn Brokaw, our Circa 1985 Brand Coordinator, about the inspiration behind the collection.

Fawn: Our new chain is really exciting! It’s our first silver seed bead chain option. It comes in 17″ (with the ready-to-wear necklaces, pictured above) AND we’re introducing it in a 24″ length as well. Layering necklaces is one of my favorite trends for holiday!

The choice of bright silver with smoke grey bead was influenced by this mixed metallic trend that keeps popping up in fashion shows. It’s a really cool, modern update to classic, silver chain PLUS it’s a great way to wear this trend in a more subtle way than head-to-toe metallics. metallics

John: Sometimes inspiration for a collection is literal, and sometimes it’s more of a feeling… For this set of Circa ‘holiday’ necklaces, it’s a little bit of both.  

From the Circa 1985 vintage glamour photoshoot

From the Circa 1985 vintage glamour photo shoot

I wanted to take our Vintage Glamour theme from last season to a new, more festive place.  The pavéd elephant and vintage star cabochon got me started—let’s go to the circus!Screen%20Shot%202013-09-19%20at%2012.45.30%20PM

Pavé elephant and vintage star bead necklace~ $49

Pavé elephant and vintage star bead necklace~ $49

Then I looked around and gathered some other precious and whimsical charms and stones—not exactly the circus, but transporting nonetheless… A bee sparking in the twilight!  A golden frog contemplating a brilliant cobalt blue globe! Lockets, snowflakes, disco balls… Let’s call it a bauble menagerie!

So that’s the story.  Now for the big question—which one do you want most?!

The new collection is available on our new wholesale website-
Retail customers, please call 800-573-3308.


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