From our studio: Reinventing the chair

chair“Let’s get CREATIVE” the sign said on a simple black Ikea Martin chair in our kitchen area at our studio. We were invited by Design Philadelphia to transform that simple black chair into a work of art that will be auctioned off at the Take a Seat festival kickoff event with proceeds going to creative educational programs.

Design Philadelphia is an organization that “demonstrates, supports, and promotes the ability that design has to generate innovation, solve problems, enhance daily life and influence both the perception and economics of the region.” It is also an annual event sponsors several city wide events and festivals.

John, our founder and lead designer, led our Maximal Art team to create a NECKLACE out of the chair. And true to our parent company’s name- we made it a MAXIMAL, 14 foot long, art deco-inspired necklace that will hang on a vintage silhouette!!

Here’s a peek at behind-the-making of our art piece~silhouetteMaximal Art chair necklace image_2 image_3 photo

My favorite detail is that we chose to keep the Ikea price tag sticker on one of the wooden necklace links and attached a JW tag on the opposite side~ a symbol of the transformation that chair went through!

Do you like our Maximal Art Deco necklace?

image image_1 photo


What do you think?

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