Charm Meanings: Necklaces in Bloom

It’s summertime and it seems like everything is in bloom right now- why not your accessories too? Last week, we styled our turquoise flower locket in a Fab Florals outfit and one of our readers wanted to know- what is the symbolism behind the different colored floral lockets? So read on and see which flower is for you!

Circa 1985 Flower Locket Charms:
White Flower Locket– Elegance, purity, peace, and sincerity.
Pink Sparkle Flower Locket– Joy celebration, prestige, and romance.
Turquoise flower locket– Loyalty, truth, tranquility, and clarity.

Circa 1985 ready-to-wear necklaces with flower charms:
IMG_2325Pink Crystal Flower and Turquoise Bead– Exuberance and romance balanced with peace and tranquility. IMG_2314 Frog and Frosted Blue Flower– Good luck, go-with-the-flow, uplifting energy and tranquility. IMG_2332Key and White Flower Locket– Trust, openness, purity, peace, and sincerity.

These meanings are just a starting point. Everyone has their own interpretation of objects based on their individual experience. Do any of these charms have special meaning to you?


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