Friday Fashion Flashback: the Hair Scarf

Hair scarfs: the secret to every-day-good-hair days before there was air conditioning and anti-frizz serums.


Hair scarf wrapped up in a bow, ankle strap pumps, high waisted short shorts, and mid-century modern apartment? Sign me up.


This English WWII-era woman takes solace in a good hair scarf and cup of tea to hold it all together with the world crumbled around her.


Perhaps not the best place to sunbathe, but this 1930’s woman used a little more common sense when she paired that striped scarf with her outfit.


I can’t help but think they’re on a Thelma-and-Louise-type road trip.


Designer and street style darling Ulyana Sergeenko knows how to wear classic vintage looks! She keeps it fresh with the sheer blouse and keeps it from looking frumpy.


3 responses to “Friday Fashion Flashback: the Hair Scarf

  1. Would you mind if I reblog this on my beach fashion blog ?

  2. Reblogged this on Strand Style and commented:
    How great is this flashback post about hair scarfs? I think it’s time to bring them back in style! Enjoy your weekend! ~Strand Style Stalker

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