Good news! Jupiter’s here!

Circa 1985 Cancer Zodiac Charm

A great gift for the Cancers in your life~
Circa 1985 Cancer charm on red coral seed beed necklace or bracelet chain.

People born under the Zodiac Sign Cancer (from June 22- July 22), the fourth Sign in the Zodiac calendar, love their homes – their roots, their nests. The most empathetic sign of the entire Zodiac, Cancer is represented by the symbol of the Crab. Sensitive and emotional under their tough exterior, the Cancer take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family, and are at their best when all is peaceful at the domestic front. Red is your lucky color, if born in the month of July, pearl /moonstone if born in June.

Jupiter has entered your birth sign for the first time in 12 years, hinting not just at some relief from the out-of-control feeling that’s permeated your life for so long, but also opening the way to some significant breakthroughs this month. Many unusual successes will be possible!

The luck and happiness Jupiter brings will be a positive force in everyone’s astrological sign this month!

The return of Jupiter in your horoscope is likely to be a lucky year. The abundance flows and you seem to be in the right place, at the right time….often.


The god Jupiter (Zeus), about to throw a bolt of lightning. Jupiter was the mightiest of the gods. Relief by Luc Faydherbe, circa 1650.

The first Jupiter Return, around age 12, is when your natural interests emerge with more enthusiasm. An alert parent can act on these inclinations, with instruction, summer camp, learning excursions, or family road trips.

Then at each 12-year interval, Jupiter returns to remind you of what grabs you most. It’s a year when money flows, especially when you’re aligned with your soul’s calling. People show up, and help you, like guardian angels. Being clear with your intent and putting the word out, yields big results. It’s a good idea to meet influential people in your field, and put yourself “out there,” so the connections can be made.


Jupiter’s expansiveness happens when you direct it toward what you want most. Jupiter’s return brings you back to a sense of meaning, and being supported by the universe in a mysterious way. When you align with what you’re meant to be doing, magic happens. And under the influence of Jupiter, this is a powerful force for growth and drawing wealth.

Go Far with Jupiter 

  • Attend workshops, and join associations in your field.
  • Travel or re-locate.
  • Totally immerse yourself in your driving passion (magazines, new friendships, courses).
  • Be visible — move in the circles of people you admire.
  • Invest time and resources into making your dream happen.
  • Gain skills that prepare you for an opportunity.
  • Spend time with those that cheer you on.
  • See yourself as ‘lucky’ and expect good things to happen!

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