Businesswoman Wednesday: Foodtruck-style Fashion

It’s lunch time in University City, a student-centric section of West Philadelphia. You’ll see a myriad of food trucks to choose from, and coming soon, a boutique fashion truck! In what is believed to be a first in Philadelphia, Smak Parlour, a fashion retailer based across town in Old City, is going mobile, taking a page from a commercial sector that has exploded in growth on city streets: lunch trucks. 20130602_inq_truck02z-a

Taking a business approach that reduces overhead and makes being “in the right place at the right time” easier than ever, we find this idea very intriguing. Equipped with sales racks and dressing rooms, it will roll by the end of June, maybe sooner, depending on the pace of retrofitting. You can keep tabs on Facebook and at Twitter. You can read the full article about how they started here.

Will boutique-trucks be the wave of the future or is this more of a novelty trend? 


One response to “Businesswoman Wednesday: Foodtruck-style Fashion

  1. Sounds like a very good idea to me!

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